Luke's Flower
Luke's Flower


The Process

Make contact.

Come and meet you to discuss the project, this will include going over your wish list, practical needs and how this will work with your budget.

I will then give you recommendations on how to progress the project and estimates of costs of any plan work agreed.

2 Survey the site.

Measure and assess the site including checking the soil and aspect. It may be also necessary to get a topographical survey at this point.

I will also note any problems that will need to be addressed which may include being overlooked, drainage, existing plants to keep or take out, and maintenance. The whole time noting how best to fit your needs and requirements into the new scheme. You may wish to send me a mood board with ideas that you have.

3 The concept plan for the garden.

Draw up the concept plan for the project, this may include section drawings and pictures to illustrate ideas I am proposing.

4 Present the plan.

This will be in person so that I can describe all of my ideas to you.

I may give a number of options for some areas of the garden particularly if I want to push the way that you see the garden and show you things that you may not have considered.

Once the plan has been agreed quotes will be obtained for the hard and soft landscaping before work commences.

5 Garden constructed.

During the construction stage I will oversee the work as much as is required, at this stage I will further assess the soil in order to produce a planting scheme, this will be based on your likes and dislikes as well as what I think will work on the soil and aspect of the new garden and also may include plants retained from the previous garden.

My aim is to give you a garden that will give you year round interest that will fit your maintenance requirements.

6 Long term care of the garden.

I will provide help and advice on the long term care of the garden, this may include written advice, site visits, or in some cases just being on hand with email or whatsapp questions.

I always like to keep an eye on my projects and make sure that you are happy with your new garden for years to come.